Custom Sprays in Duluth, MN

spray linerWhen you need a complete solution to protecting your vehicle’s surface from moisture, abrasion, corrosion and more, Line-It Midwest, Inc. is here to help. We provide customers with a full scope of truck coatings in Duluth, MN, as well as sprays for other vehicles. Our mission is to give you peace of mind about the integrity of your investment. We can do almost anything when it comes to custom colors, designs, and styles for your vehicle or item that needs to be spray coated.

Spray Applications

While we specialize in truck bed spray in liner in Duluth, MN, our scope of spray capabilities expands far beyond this. We work on numerous vehicle types, as well as specialty equipment and other surface applications. Some of the most common applications we tackle outside of truck beds include:

  • Boat hulls
  • Boat trailers
  • Boats
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Fuel tanks
  • Garage floors
  • Hoods
  • Running boards
  • Speaker boxes
  • Vehicle interiors

Customization Options

Our spray capabilities are tailored for your specific vehicle or application, to ensure you’re getting the most value out of them. Not only do we work with you to assess the type of application, we can also provide you with the options needed to truly customize the appearance. For example, we can spray in red, blue, green and black for a complementary color scheme! We also have the power to spray certain designs or patterns.

*Please note that color matching precise vehicle colors is difficult and not always possible due to different manufacturer colors.

Consult With Us

If you’re looking for a customized spray application for your car, truck, equipment or other application, contact Line-It Midwest, Inc. first. We’ll work with you to make sure we understand your exact needs, and we promise to provide you with a finished product that’s absolutely exceptional. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser/owner on all work!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today by calling (218) 391-7435.